Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure (ADR) As the holder of a “.ma” domain name, you are subject to the Alternative Litigation Procedure (ADR). This is an extrajudicial procedure, administered by the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It applies to all registered “.ma” domain names. ADR only applies to disputes relating to “.ma” domain names relating to trademarks or service marks protected in Morocco, between a Holder and a third party. ADR does not aim in any case the disputes relating to the responsibility of the ANRT and that of the providers. ADR does not preclude the seizure of a court of competent jurisdiction for the same litigation before, during or after such proceedings. In this case, the final decision taken by said court will be applied.

See the Alternative Domain Name Resolution Procedure Regulation “.ma”.

Responsibilities of the ANRT and the Providers in a ADR

The ANRT does not intervene in an implemented ADR, and it is not responsible for the decisions rendered. The ANRT and the provider of the disputed domain name are required to provide any information in their possession on the holder of this domain name at the request of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. ANRT and the service provider apply the decision taken in application of the ADR within the agreed deadlines.

FAQ « .ma »

Anyone can register a .ma domain name provided they comply with the terms of the naming decision. See Conditions for registration of a “.ma” »

Just search if your domain name is free here on our website, if it is the case you can register it.

The actual registration of a domain name takes less than 30 minutes. Once you pay for your domain, it is automatically forwarded to the registry that activates it immediately.

Caution: Some domains are subject to prior authorization from the registry; these are the domains under the extensions .gov.ma, .ac.ma and .press.ma as well as domains on the list of reserved terms.

For these areas, the applicant must complete the “.ma” domain name registration application form that requires a prior review of the Registry and forward it to us with the registration request.

This form must be sent no later than 4 days after the submission of the domain to the register which will rule on the attribution of the domain within 48 working hours.

You can register a “.ma” domain name only if it is composed of the following characters:

Unaccented letters from “a” to “z”.
Domain names can be registered in lowercase or uppercase letters; The following accented letters:,,,, ç, è,,,,, ë,,, ï,,, ù, û, ü, ÿ; The numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; The hyphen, except in 3rd and 4th position (example: ex-example).
  • You can not register a “.ma” domain name if it
  • Is composed of a single character
  • Is composed of more than 63 characters
  • Starts or ends with a hyphen (-)
  • Contains a space.

To update your domain name, simply log in to your client area at Gozil and make the changes.

Attention: Only the information on the Admin and Technical contact can be modified, because you can not modify the name of the owner of the domain which requires to fill a form to be validated by the Register.

Note that the domain owner is contractually obliged to keep his contact information up-to-date as stipulated by the regulations in force. If your details are not correct, the registry reserves the right to delete your domain name. This is also important for you because we need to be able to send you the authorization code for your domain name, for example when changing service providers.

Renewal before the expiration of the domain name

Vous pouvez renouveler votre nom de domaine déjà enregistré en vous connectant sur votre espace client à tout moment, pour une période annuelle allant de un à cinq ans. Mais, la période de validité totale ne peut pas dépasser cinq ans, à compter de la date de votre demande de renouvellement.

Renewal after the expiry of the domain name

30 days before the expiry of your domain name, you will receive from your service provider a notification, possibly by email, reminding you of the expiry date of this domain name.

You can proceed to its renewal, even after its expiration.

Indeed, your domain name has a period called “renew grace period” which lasts 30 days after the due date (expiry date). During these 30 days, you can, through your service provider, renew your domain name at any time for the chosen annual period (from 1 to 5 years).

You have the right to request the change of your provider at any time, provided that your domain name is active.

If you do not have the authorization code or EPP code for your domain name, you must ask your current provider. The latter has the obligation to provide it to you within three days.

If your current provider does not respond to your request within the prescribed time, send an Email to the following address: dns@anrt.ma and put support@gozil.ma in copy so that we can follow along with the registry.

The registry sends the code to the Domain Name Holder’s Email, as mentioned in its registration system.

It is therefore important that your email address, communicated to the domain registration is correct.

When you receive the code in question, you send it to us and we will take care of the request for change of provider from the Registry.

Your former provider has a maximum of five days to accept or reject your request for a change of provider.

The Registry decides on the response of your former provider and informs us of the acceptance or rejection of the transfer.

If the change of provider is made, the expiry date of your domain name remains unchanged.

At any time, you may transfer your domain name to a third party, provided that the domain name is active.

You must then sign the voluntary transfer form and send it to us for submission to the Registry.

The Registry shall decide on the transfer request within five (5) days from the date of its receipt.

Résiliation avant l’expiration du nom de domaine

You can proceed at any time to the termination of your domain name with your Service Provider.

You must then complete the cancellation form, sign it and send it to your Service Provider who will terminate your domain name.

Your domain name, once terminated, does not become free right away. Indeed, you have a period called “grace of termination” which lasts 30 days after the date of termination.

During these 30 days, you can, through your service provider, re-register your domain name at any time for the chosen annual period (from 1 to 5 years), according to the registration process in force.

If you re-register your domain name, it is activated with a new creation date and for the requested period. It will be billed to you.

Otherwise, at the end of the grace period, your domain name is permanently deleted from the registration system and thus becomes free for registration by any third party.

Termination after the expiry of the domain name

When your domain name expires, it enters a period called “renew grace” which lasts 30 days after the expiry date.

During these 30 days, and at any time, you can cancel your domain name if you no longer need it. You must then fill out the cancellation form, sign it and send it to your Service Provider who terminates your domain name.

However, if you do not make any provision (neither a renewal request nor a cancellation request), you will receive a new notification from your service provider. If you do not respond, it may terminate your domain name.

In the two previous cases, your domain name is permanently deleted from our registration system at the end of the grace period, and thus becomes free for registration by any third party.

You can file a complaint with the ANRT against a provider or concerning a domain name. Here are some examples:

  • You dispute the registration of a domain name relating to a term appearing on the list of reserved terms, considering that it belongs to you by right;
  • You are challenging the domain name holder’s name as it appears on the “WHOIS” service, and you can prove that you are the one who registered the domain name.

If you find that:

  • Whois data published for a “.ma” domain name are inaccurate or incorrect.
  • A “.ma” domain name is related to:
  • illegal or fraudulent actions;
  • the registration of domain names in order to resell it to the rightful owner, to alter its visibility or to take advantage of its reputation.
  • registering domain names in order to reserve them for profit directly or indirectly.
  • The content of a website whose name corresponds to “.ma” domain name:
  • Is illicit or contrary to morality and decency
  • Violates national security, public order or religion.
  • Has a racist connotation. You can report the domain here or report it to the ANRT on its website http://www.registre.ma/contact

You can report the domain here or report it to the ANRT on its website http://www.registre.ma/contact

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