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What is an SSL / TLS Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer «SSL»/Transport Layer Security «TLS»

An SSL certificate makes it possible to secure exchanges between your website and Internet users by displaying the HTTPS: // in browsers. It creates a relationship of trust by guaranteeing the identity of the website visited and the confidentiality of the data exchanged.

But still…?

An SSL / TLS certificate serves two main functions. It allows encrypted connections between clients (visitors to a website) and web servers (the server that hosts a website) via SSL / TLS. It also authenticates the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate.

What is Data Encryption?

When a client and a web server communicate, usually this information is open (which is sent in clear) and can be intercepted or manipulated by a third party. For obvious reasons, this is not ideal. An SSL / TLS certificate allows an encrypted connection, in which any communication between the client and the server is encoded so that only an authorized person can read it. This protects the personal data and sensitive information shared between the two.

What is authentication?

As mentioned, an SSL / TLS certificate serves two functions. The first is to quantify the communication between a website and its visitors. The second, authentication, provides verified information about the company or organization that operates a website to its visitors. Trust is absolutely essential online, and authentication gives visitors the confidence they need to do business with you.

How does an SSL / TLS certificate actually work?

Now you know that an SSL / TLS certificate allows an encrypted connection between a client and a web server, but what does that really mean? How does he set up this type of secure connection? It starts with an interaction known as “SSL Handshake” which, in milliseconds, can facilitate an encrypted connection that protects any communication between your website and its visitors.

How do my visitors realize that I have SSL / TLS certificate?

When you buy an SSL / TLS certificate, you make an investment in protecting the privacy of your customers and to be honest you also want to get some credit from your customers to make them feel safe. Fortunately, there are some very obvious visual indicators with SSL / TLS.

For sites that do not provide an SSL / TLS certificate, a negative visual indicator like below is displayed to let visitors know that the connection is not secure.

Websites with basic SSL / TLS encryption will display green visual indicators as below to indicate that the site is secure.

Web sites with high-end SSL / TLS certificates will display the organization name and country, indicating maximum authentication.

F A Q :

Google and Firefox put a lot of pressure for the adoption of https. In January 2017, contact forms, password entry and unsecure payment will be marked “Not Secure” in the address bar … and soon all sites in http. That’s why we strongly encourage you to buy a certificate now.

Certificates are recognized as a referral factor, decrease the bounce rate and have a positive impact on click and conversion rates.

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