CloudMailBox Professional Messaging

Have a secure collaborative messaging solution tailored to your needs, operational in just a few hours.

From 15 DHS TF / month per mailbox

  • Hosting on high availability server
  • Rapid deployment
  • Administration from a customer area
  • Migrating your emails
  • Full backup
  • Maintenance and assistance
  • Powered By Zimbra

CloudMailServer Professional Messaging

Increase your productivity with our CloudMailServer solutions under Zimbra. Enjoy all the benefits of Zimbra without having to worry about the administration and maintenance of a mail server.

From 900 DHS TF / month

  • Dedicated Messaging and Collaboration Server
  • Advanced Web Experience
  • Simplified administration
  • Accessible everywhere, on any type of device
  • Zimbra Desktop Mail Clients

Mail Relay Solutions

You host your own mail server and can not get rid of spam? Your messages to your customers and suppliers do not arrive? Our email relay offers are the perfect solution for you!

From 500 dhs / month

  • Incoming and outgoing mail relay
  • 100% guaranteed delivery rate!
  • Rerouting to multiple destination servers
  • Mail retention in case of problems on your servers
  • Dedicated IP address

Inclus dans les packs :

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam: Anti-spam and anti-virus filter guaranteeing total security for sending and receiving your emails.

Generous storage space: up to 50GB of disk space per mailbox. What to keep a whole life of electronic exchange.

Calendar and Contacts: Do not forget any appointments and take them everywhere with you.

Mobility: Access everywhere to your email via Webmail or on your mobile devices.

Support & Professional Assistance: 24 / 7 simply.

Our Engagements :

Quality and Best price
We guarantee quality at the best price on the Moroccan market in terms of technology, resources and assistance. If you find better we will refund you without hesitation.

GUARANTEED performances
We guarantee you a platform with unmatched performance. You can check at any time on your management spaces that the maximum resources allocated to you can be reached.

Scalability at any time
Our packs are flexible and expandable at will. You can start with 5 mailboxes and increase the number of boxes as your company grows instantly in one click from your client area.

Migration From any host
Are you at another service provider and want to migrate to Gozil? Create your account and send us access to your old space we will migrate your mail without breaking service.


Messaging is the most used means of communication today in business and between private individuals and professionals. Having a powerful and secure messaging solution is a necessity for all companies today. Our professional email offers offer daily support for the use of messaging by your employees. You can be sure that your messages are delivered the moment they are sent. When they can not be delivered, our specialists diagnose the causes and assist you to resolve them. The unlimited messengers of hosting are perfect as long as it works, do not take the risk of not receiving an order or to see your email blocked because your website which has not been maintained for more than 2 years is hacked and sends tons of spam.

Yes our professional email offers allow you to receive instant messages on all possible media, computer, tablet, phone. You can also view your messages wherever you are by simply logging on our secure web mail at

Security is the key word that characterizes our messaging solutions. Indeed all the messaging services we offer are secured with TLS (smtps, pop3s, imaps) in addition to webmail access via https.

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