Advanced Features, Renowned Trust Indicators and Premium Encryption !

In the world of SSL / TLS, EV certificates are the MUST. This comprehensive SSL solution not only encrypts your website, securely protecting your users’ information from prying eyes, but also comes with a variety of additional features that are known to boost trust and clearly demonstrate can fully trust you and handle business on your site.

Certificate Name Provider Validation Type Delivery Delay Price
True BusinessID with EV Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 2000 dhs/year
True BusinessID w/ EV Multi-Domain Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 4200 dhs/year
Secure Site with EV Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 1900 dhs/year
Secure Site Pro with EV Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 9400 dhs/year
Comodo EV SSL Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 1775 dhs/year
Comodo EV Multi-Domain Extended Organization 3 to 5 days 4200 dhs/year

Advantages of EV Certificates

EV certificates can have a major impact on your online presence and the overall perception of your site. With an EV certificate you will not only ensure that your site is as secure as possible, but you can also assure all site visitors that they can do business with you safely. In the highly competitive online trading market, this is incredibly valuable.

Adds eye-catching confidence indicators

Since you have a real business, you must be able to show everyone that you are a legitimate organization. This is where activation of the key “trust” indicators comes into play. When you receive an EV SSL certificate, your web address will not only display the HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP, but it will also have a clickable lock next to it. the URL that contains crucial identifying information (company name and location) of your organization, the trusted third-party security company that vouches for it, and most importantly, the address bar will be of a nuance green must for consciously and unconsciously help users to “Click!”. Indeed, EV certificates are the only SSL products that activate the green address bar in browsers. This green bar is the universally recognized symbol of trust on the Web. It’s quite simple, when people trust, they become customers. Green means Go! in all languages so what are you waiting for to acquire your EV certificate?

F A Q :

For several reasons below :

– SSL EV Indicates that you are concerned about the security and concerns of your users

– Makes it easy to distinguish yourself from your competition

– Is known to increase visitor confidence and increase conversion to customer

– Allows you to align with the security practices of the largest and most reliable companies that already use EV

As a legally established company and because you are talking to Gozil, you do not have to worry! The validation process is designed to stop fake companies, not the real ones. If you are a registered business in your country, getting an EV certificate is a matter of days! Once you have completed your SSL EV certificate purchase on our site, you must go through the validation process where the CA will simply need to check a few things about your company. The best way to speed up this process is to make sure you use the correct spelling of your company name … not forgetting to include the type of company or organization (eg SARL, SA …) , exactly as it is mentioned on the registration certificate of your company. In addition, be sure to mention your primary phone number found in most public databases. By doing that, you are already on the right path. If you have problems, we have many validation experts who can help you at any level of the validation process.

To obtain an SSL EV certificate, you must go through the following steps of the validation process

  • Provide proof of registration of your company – Your company must be officially registered by the local authorities of your country.
  • Having an operational existence – the Certification Authority (CA) will seek to verify that your organization has existed for more than 3 years. If your organization has been in existence for less than 3 years, additional proof of operational status will be required, for example:
  • Authenticate your address – the registered organization must have a verifiable physical address and commercial presence in its country.
  • Go through a phone check – the Certificate Authority (CA) must get an active phone number, an acceptable phone book to complete a verification call with the company (the most popular directories include the yellow pages , Hoovers,, Dun and Bradstreet, – but other regional telephone directories or industry directories are also acceptable

Once all the checks have been completed, the delivery of your certificate takes between 24 hours to 48 working hours. The certificate will be sent to you by email or downloadable from your client area.

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