When registering or renewing a “.ma” domain name, you must:

  • Take cognizance of the naming decision, and accept it without reservation;
  • Accept the collection, storage and processing of data concerning you by the ANRT, in accordance with the provisions of the naming decision
  • Accept the publication of “WHOIS” data in accordance with the provisions of the naming decision.

Once the domain name is registered or renewed, all the provisions of the naming decision apply to the holder.

You are responsible for choosing your domain name.

You are responsible for the use of your domain name, as well as any subdomains created under this parent domain name, under the following conditions:

  • You benefit from an exclusive and personal use of your domain name during its period of validity (Current period from the date of creation or the last renewal until its expiry date);
  • You must use your domain name and related subdomains for your own purposes;
  • You must not infringe the rights and interests of third parties;
  • You must mandate an administrative contact who must be a natural person established in Morocco to manage your domain name with your provider and the ANRT;
  • If you are a natural person, you can be your administrative contact yourself, provided you are established in Morocco;
  • You must provide your provider with a valid postal address and email address of the administrative contact; these addresses are used by the ANRT and the provider to communicate with you;
  • If your administrative contact is not you, he has no rights to your domain name;
  • You must ensure that all information relating to the registration of your domain name, communicated to your service provider and published on the WHOIS service, is up to date, complete and accurate;
  • You must immediately notify all changes to this information to your provider. For more details, refer to the section How to update the data for your .ma domain name? ;
  • You cannot change the name of the owner of your domain name. To do this, refer to How to transfer your domain name to another person?


The domain name you wish to register may require prior review by ANRT prior to activation. These include the following cases:

  • The requested domain name is confusing, implicates or is identical to a term on the list of reserved terms;
  • The domain name is requested under one of the descriptive extensions “.gov.ma”, “.ac.ma” or “.press.ma”.
You must then provide your provider with any evidence of your right to the requested domain name, within a maximum of five days from the date of filing your application for registration.

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