Obligations and Rights of the Applicant / Holder

  1. The Applicant or the Holder acknowledges that he has read the provisions of the naming decision, that he agrees to be bound by all of its terms, as adopted and modified by the ANRT. This decision is available on the ANRT website.
  2. The Holder benefits from exclusive and personal use of the registered domain name during its period of validity, in accordance with the regulations in force
  3. At the time of the registration or renewal of a domain name, any Applicant or Holder is deemed to have accepted the collection, storage and processing of data concerning them by the ANRT, as well as the publication of “WHOIS” data.
  4. The Holder is supposed to have accepted that certain data concerning them are transmitted by the ANRT to the competent authorities, or to a third person in accordance with the legislation in force.
  5. The choice, use and exploitation of a domain name, as well as related subdomains, are the responsibility of the Holder. The latter uses the registered domain name and related subdomains for its own purposes, without prejudice to the rights and interests of third parties.
  6. The Holder is represented by a physical person, called administrative contact, duly mandated for this purpose and established in Morocco. In the event that the Holder is a natural person, they may themself be the contact person.
  7. The Holder acknowledges and agrees that the Administrative Contact is authorized by them to act as agent of the Holder in connection with the registration and management of the domain name. In the event of a dispute between the Holder and their administrative contact during a management operation of a domain name, the Holder’s position will prevail.
  8. The Holder must provide the Service Provider with the actual mailing and e-mail addresses concerning him, as well as the effective postal and electronic addresses of their contact.
  9. The Account Holder must ensure that all information relating to the registration of a domain name, communicated to its Provider, is up-to-date, complete and accurate. It is obliged to ensure the immediate update in case of change the Holder is required to verify that the data published on the “WHOIS” are complete and accurate, and proceed without delay to the necessary updates to the Provider .
  1. The Holder may renew their domain name at any time in accordance with the naming decision. When the domain name expires, the Registrant is required to renew their domain name during the renewal grace period if they wishe to renew the domain name.
  2. At the expiration of a domain name, the Service Provider may terminate it in the event that the Holder does not pay the renewal fees relating thereto. At the end of the renewal grace period, the domain name is deleted by the ANRT.
  3. The Holder may terminate their domain name before their due date. The domain name has a grace period of termination during which the Holder can proceed with its re-registration.
  4. The Holder has the right to request the change of the Service Provider at any time, subject to the provisions of the naming decision and this
  5. The Holder have the right to transfer their domain name to another person, subject to the terms of the naming decision and this contract.
  6. The Holder undertakes to submit to the alternative procedure of resolution of disputes, and to any decision of the ANRT concerning the domain name “.ma” registered.

Obligations and rights of the Service Provider

  1. The Service Provider is required to inform the Registrant of the expiration of their domain name thirty (30) days before its due date, and to allow them to renew their domain name at any time, before or during the grace period.
  2. The Service Provider must make changes to domain names and Registrants on the Registry, whenever such changes are communicated by the Provider to the Registrar.
  3. Upon termination of the domain name, the Service Provider is required to inform the Holder, specifying the period of grace for termination during which they can recover the domain name terminated at any time.
  4. The Service Provider is required to make available to the Holders a website containing imperative full contact details and they must also publish on this site all the modifications made by the ANRT to the regulations and the procedures for registration and registration. management of domain names.
  5. The Service Provider must inform the Holder of any information or notification concerning him as soon as it is received by the ANRT.
  6. The Service Provider must immediately inform the Holder concerned of any freezing, blocking or deletion of a domain name by the ANRT, by communicating to it the reason as communicated by the latter.
  7. At any time, and at the request of the Holder, the Service Provider is required to provide him / her with the authorization code (s) of one or more domain names, within three (3) days at the latest after receiving the autorisation.
  8. The Service Provider is required to assist the Holders in registering, renewing, terminating and transferring domain names, as well as updating the relevant information. He is also required to provide any necessary support to the Applicants and Registrants of the domain names in order to correctly inform the information.
  9. The Service Provider shall not collect, use or communicate any personal or other data relating to a Holder for purposes other than those provided for by the registration and management of the Registrant’s domain names, in accordance with the applicable regulations. Thus, the use of this data must be done in accordance with the regulations on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

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