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A domain name, for what use?

All about the usefulness of domain names

A domain name, for what use?

Booking your domain name is the first thing to do on the internet when you create a brand. This is an essential step to put a website online, trade, create e-mail addresses … It represents your first identity on the internet without which we can not see you (or find you) and conditions your presence on several search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Voilà.

Characteristics of the domain name

It is important to book your domain name as soon as possible. The first come will be the first served even if the anteriority of your mark can allow you to recover sometimes this one. It must consist of at least two letters and must not contain any specific sign or space, except the hyphen “-” used as separator. It must have a number of characters between 2 and 63, regardless of the extension even if a name too long could quickly make access to your site tedious. The characters allowed the numbers from 0 to 9 and the letters from a to z. It can not begin or end with a dash.

The principle of extensions

In order to avoid the dangers of cybersquatting (the practice of reserving a domain name specific to a brand to alter the visibility of the latter, note), it is still possible to register domain names under several extensions. In principle, the .com is assigned to international and commercial sites, but no condition regulates its attribution. .Net refers to websites that belong to the field of new technologies and computing. With the advent of social networks, this extension is experiencing renewed interest among entrepreneurs in the new economy. The latter is not subject to any restrictions. Institutional sites are usually designated by the .org, like state agencies or associations. The .eu extension refers to natural or legal persons who are established on the territory of the European Union.

Extensions often refer to a specific set, but are not exclusive. We can choose a domain name with an extension still free or that suits us.

To be sure to use the right domain name, it’s a good idea to check availability. Also, it is advisable to buy several extensions, to protect its brand in the target markets. It is rather embarrassing to have a domain name .com and a competitor has the same name, but with an extension in .net or .ma. This does not require to have several website, but simply to redirect these addresses on the main address of the website.

Today, the domain name has become so important that it sometimes determines the choice of the name of the brand or company name, especially for companies only present on the web.

There are 4 types of extensions:

Extensions linked to a country and limited to 2 letters: .fr, .be, .de, .uk, .cn, etc … Some countries limit the use of their extension to their residents. It is therefore impossible for a foreigner to register a domain name with this extension without being present on the territory.

Generic extensions composed of 3 or more letters and historically the most used: .com, .net, .org, etc … No restriction on these extensions.

The new generic extensions of 3 letters and more launched from 2008: some are still being created and in the future they will be more and more numerous: .pro, .bar, .cafe, .xxx, .bio, .wine, .vin, etc … Extensions reserved for large companies: .amazon, .apple, .leclerc, .total, etc … You must hold an internationally recognized brand and have the means.

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