12 Mar

Advanced encryption for all your subdomains

Advanced encryption for all your subdomains with a single certificate

If you have a website with multiple subdomains, you’ll love our star certificates. Rather than having to buy an SSL certificate for each subdomain, you can protect them all with a single star certificate. Get ready to save money and make managing your SSL certificate portfolio a breeze.

Benefits of “*” Certificates

In 2 words: Simplified management

One of the problems that users encounter when they have a different set of SSL certificates is that the renewal process can be a nightmare. This can cause problems when a certificate expires without you knowing! With star certificates, the renewal process is quick and easy. Just keep an eye on one certificate. Anyone can do it!

When do I need a SSL / TLS Star certificate?

If you have several subdomains for which you need SSL / TLS certificates, then star certificates are perfect for you. Having a star SSL certificate makes it possible to secure any new subdomain that you will need without worrying about the procedures and payment of new certificates.


Why should I prefer a SSL / TLS Star certificate?

Having an SSL / TLS certificate allows you to:

  • Save money on the purchase of multiple SSL / TLS certificates
  • Have only one certificate to manage instead of several
  • Google ranks HTTPS pages better now in search results
  • You will benefit from a single certificate to put all your subdomains in HTTPS


How to install my SSL / TLS Star certificate?


Star SSL / TLS certificates are installed on your web server just like other types of certificates. There is no other procedure or additional difficulty to install a Star SSL / TLS certificate compared to a normal certificate. The procedures provided by the Certifying Authority to install a certificate for a single domain are valid for star certificates. In case of a problem, do not hesitate to call our support.