11 Mar

Difference between Windows and Linux hosting

There are 2 major operating systems in the field of services offering: Windows and Linux

Windows overview:

Windows Web server is IIS and Linux of the Web server is Apache has, in general Windows operating system is more expensive than the Linux operating system, because Windows operating system is open source and their use is necessary to purchase of a Windows Server license from Microsoft. Meanwhile Windows servers usually have more capabilities and support for Microsoft products on Web servers is an advantage.

Linux overview:

But Linux is the open source and free operating system and for the use of it, there is no need to pay for License, Linux operating system usually has higher security than the Windows server and being less than treatment.

Difference between Linux and Windows:

  • The Windows hosting operating system supports in ASP and ASP.NET form that the dealership of this company is Microsoft. Asp is run only in windows and Linux servers do not support these languages.
  • Linux operating system supports PHP, Python, Perl and CGI form. PHP can be run in part of the windows of the server. But PHP that have been installed on server windows in some cases is difficult and some commands are different.
  • Normally for ASP and Windows will be used from the database of SQL server and PHP and Linux hosting from the MySQL database.
  • To choose one of the windows operating system and Linux, first of all you need to check the user’s requirement and the web site request form then according to web design programming language, is chosen / is selected the operating system.

If you are used to designing a website content management system (CMS) or portal (like Pars Portal), first of all, you need to check the features that need it about CMS or a portal carefully and depending on whether you select the operating system.

In fact, to work with both Windows and Linux operating systems, we will use management interface, called the control panel.

Windows and Linux operating systems have the same speed. Because most servers typically use hardware level.