12 Mar

Second phase of testing domain names “المغرب.”

The ANRT launches starting from November 15th the second phase of testing domain names “المغرب.”

The national extension “المغرب.” Defining the Internet domain, in Arabic letters, reserved for the Kingdom of Morocco, was delegated by the ICANN to ANRT in 2011.

While waiting for its opening to the public, the ANRT launched a pilot project, of which a 1st phase was opened, from February 12 to March 12, 2018, to the administrations and public organizations, to enable them to make “test” recordings of domain names in “المغرب.”

A second phase will be open, from November 15, 2018 to February 15, 2019, for a total of 100 domain names to:

  1. Administrations and organizations
  2. Public enterprises and banking institutions,

The ANRT is willing to reconsider this number in case of justified interest. Like the 1st phase. Registrations of these domain names will be invoiced by the ANRT to the Providers.

It should be remembered that this pilot project aims to test the use of domain names in Arabic characters especially at the level of websites.

Thus, each reserved/registered domain name must be made available and content inserted. As the referral of the current site of the Client concerned through the domain name “المغرب”. No later than two (2) weeks after booking. Otherwise, the ANRT reserves the right to cancel the said test reservation.

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