11 Mar

Domain names: what is the difference between .ma, .com, .net …?

What is the difference between domain names: .ma, .com, .net …?

This is a question that comes up frequently when choosing a domain name: Is it better to choose an .ma extension? in .com? in .net? … all at once? The answer is simple: it depends! It will vary according to your target, your field of activity, your objectives, your ambition …

Explanation of the most common extensions:

A small point on the meaning and the characteristics of the different suffixes which one meets most frequently:

.ma: means ‘Morocco’, reserved for Moroccan companies and organizations

–- .com: means ‘commercial’, originally reserved for commercial websites, this extension is now very general and accessible to all internationally.

– .net : also general and easy to obtain, it means ‘network resources’

– .org : Originally reserved for organizations, it can now be used for all types of websites, even if it retains an organizational connotation.

– .gouv.ma : reserved for government websites

– .edu : reserved for teaching websites

– .info : intended especially for informative websites, it is now accessible to all, even if with this suffix, users still strongly expect to find a site or information portal.

Among the suffixes on this list, the most frequently encountered for business domain names in Morocco are .ma and .com.

Net and .org, more associated with the general web, can still give an ‘amateurish’ image, while .ma and .com are more associated with the professional world.

.ma OR .com?

– .com : to use when the target site or receives visitors from outside hexagon
– .ma :for sites intended for a target mainly located in Morocco, for a serious image and an indication of proximity.

.ma AND .com?

In case you target both Moroccan Internet users and Internet users outside our borders, it is interesting to reserve both your domain name in .fr and .com.

A .com will always be more intuitive for a non Moroccan user than a .ma.

Other interests to reserve at the outset both its domain name in .ma and .com (even .net, .org and others):

– this will prevent another entity from buying it before you

– above all it will protect you from a possible ‘cybersquatting’: that is to say that another person or unscrupulous structure does not buy this domain name to sell it for you at the price of gold the day you want it acquire!