13 Dec

How To Choose a Good Domain Name

Domain names are not easy to choose. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before registering your own domain name.

1. Choose a domain name that matches your company name.

When you promote your business brand, you should consider promoting your domain name as well. However, having a completely different domain name from your business name will cause you confusion and your efforts will be useless.

Therefore, if people know your name of business and want to search your website, but don’t know the actual web address, then chances are they will type your name of business into Google. So if your domain matches your name, you have a better chance of finding your website for people.

2. Brainstorm ideas.

Get a piece of paper or a pad of sticky notes and try to write down 50 + domain names for your new website. Once you have a list of domain names, sort them in order of your favorite to the least, then type them into the search for the Easyspace domain and see if any domain names are still available.

If they are not then considering registering a name with a different extension e.g. if the.COM is not available, then maybe check the.CO .NET…. Or maybe try combining different keywords from your list – be creative.

3. Make it easy for people to type.

  • Try to avoid names that are hard to spell.
  • Don’t include lots of numbers in your domain name. If you have a domain name with lots of numbers in it, then when you tell people your domain, odds are a fair number of them will end up confused, and write the wrong name down.
  • Choose an easy domain name that people would be able to quickly note down, instead of spending 5 mins asking you to repeat how to spell different parts of it.

4. Beware of copyright.

Don’t choose a name that is trademarked or contains trademarked names. So, avoid using copyrighted names of well-known companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Apple, etc, in your domain name.

So you don’t want consumers to be confused between your website name and other business.

5. do not-choose-this-domain.com

Try not to use a hyphen in your domain name, because it looks cheaper and people will forget the correct spelling. They will miss out a hyphen when typing your name and will instead go to the wrong website.

Using hyphens is historically related to a lot of spammy websites, that have used hyphenated domain names. Which resulted in them getting a bad reputation.


When you are willing to register a domain name, then make sure you have done these steps mentioned above. However, your domain name can have a major effect on your website. So take your time in choosing the right one, since it could be with you for years to come.