12 Mar

Legal notice for your website

What legal notices are required for your website?

The content and exact extent of the legal notices will depend on the legal form of your company and the use you make of the site (publication of content, online sales, collection of personal data, etc.).

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the main legal elements that you will need to consider in relation to your website.

In general, there are 3 complementary elements:

  • the legal notice page
  • the confidentiality charter
  • the general conditions of sale or use

The legal notice page

If you have a professional website, your mandatory legal information must include at least the following information:

  • for individual entrepreneurs: your surname and first name, as well as the address of your home
  • for the companies: the company name, the amount of the capital, the legal form, and the address of the registered office
  • an email address and a valid phone number
  • the name of the publisher
  • the details of the host of the website (company name, address, and telephone number)

The mandatory legal information must also include in some cases the following elements if you:

  • Are craftsman: your registration number in the trade directory
  • Do business: your registration number in the Trade and Companies Register
  • Are subject to VAT: your VAT number
  • Practice a regulated profession: the name and address of the licensing body and the applicable professional rules
  • Make the collection of personal data: the declaration number

The confidentiality charter

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to explain to visitors the operation and use of the data you collect on your website.

The confidentiality charter covers in general the following points:

  • data collection method
  • purpose of data processing
  • data exchange with third parties
  • data transfer
  • right of access and rectification of data

General conditions of sale or use

If you offer merchant services, access to online software or a customer area: you will also be required to make available your terms and conditions of sale or use.

It can be tempting here to copy and paste the general sales conditions of a competitor to save the cost of lawyers. We strongly advise against this as this is seen by the case law as an act of unfair competition (economic parasitism). By doing so you expose yourself to legal action.

The best solution is to get closer to a lawyer to establish a document adapted to your activity. To do this you can use our free quote service by clicking here.


Source : thebusinessplanshop