07 Mar

Personal branding and domain name

Everyone has an interest in using personal branding. If you type your name in Google, which pages appear first?

  • Are these pages created by others mentioning you?
  • Are you downright absent from the search results?
  • Or are these pages that you have created, that present you professionally and allow at a glance to know your message and your added value?

Obviously, the third option is preferable. And you can set it up with personal branding. But let’s see a little more specifically who is particularly interested in personal branding.

The Branding staff via website creation allows you to:

  • Good visibility on social networks, especially professionals like LinkedIn
  • A strong presence at professional events related to his field of activity
  • Interventions in conferences and seminars
  • Publication of books
  • Writing articles for the press
  • Holding a personal or thematic blog

A web page can contain just your photos, a short biography and links to your profiles on social networks, or a resume to download. If you have content to publish, you can do it on a blog using WordPress for example, which is pre-installed on all our hosting packages. Nothing better than having the domain name containing your name and surname, it will mark the minds of visitors, and will be easy to remember.

Source :Gozil