06 Dec

What is the Difference Between Email Hosting and Web Hosting?

Did you know that 96% of respondents are using cloud technology? Not only that but also 81%
of enterprises are implementing a multi-cloud strategy. So you’d rather use a dedicated email server in order to save some money from expensive hardware. For this reason, you might be asking this question: what kind of service do I need?

There are two possibilities, one is email hosting and the other is web hosting. Both are provided by hosting services and are essential for conducting business and dictate how you interact with your employees and clients online. Email hosting and web hosting may seem similar, but they operate in two fundamentally different ways. Both of them host your content and service, but the crucial differences lie in how they are stored and sent.

What is Email Hosting?

Basically it is a service that acts as a server for your emails. The email host rents out a server that is designed to handle all your data for receiving and sending emails.

A unique feature of this hosting method is that you rent a server that only holds your emails. Businesses using this form use a domain name to set up email addresses. This is unique because it sends emails directly through the server itself, rather than through free webmail pages.

Instead, clients need to connect their email servers to a registered domain name. This combo can then be used to generate unique usernames for each email user accessing the server.

Another unique feature of this type of hosting is the server. The email host usually provides a dedicated server, unlike free webmail sites that cater to different users at a time. This means that it only works for a set number of accounts. While this probably does not mean that the server is for only one account, only a certain number of accounts will be reserved for the resources within that server.

What is Web Hosting?

We’ve discovered what is web hosting in previous articles, as well as the different types of web hosting.

Should You Host Both Email and Web in One Server?

Both hosting approaches rely on a server to manage all of the company’s sent and collected content storage. This is valuable because it is stored with backups and protective measures in a digital database. Many, if not all, web companies are now dependent on maintaining their own servers as they can work faster without the risk of losing important information.


Basically, what’s the difference between hosting emails and hosting websites? Substantially, both are hosted on servers and suit the shared content type. Email hosting focuses on business and subscriber email traffic. Web hosting, meanwhile, offers more content on an online website. Modern innovations in online hosting have resulted in package deals with features of both