12 Mar

Using Windows means having Windows hosting?

Looking for web hosting? Windows or Linux?

When you go looking for a web host, you will have to look at the shared hosting offers … and more specifically Linux shared hosting offers. You will discover while walking on some websites that you are talking about Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Often, when we start, we say “Ah but I use Windows so I need a Windows hosting”. It has nothing to do.

As you probably know, web site files are written in computer languages. You may have heard about HTML … but there are many other languages: Javascript, PHP, etc. Most platforms for creating websites (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) mostly use the PHP language. And for simplicity, Linux hosting can manage PHP while Windows hosting is for those who make sites with ASP programming technologies. It does not concern us when we install WordPress for example.

So choose a Linux hosting if you want to install WordPress, even if you have Windows on your computer!

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