12 Mar

Why does your website have to be in HTTPS?

A new security vulnerability has just been discovered!

This new security allows you to intercept and modify your data during communication when you use Wi-Fi (http://www.zdnet.fr/actualites/wi-fi-une-faille-majeure-du-protocole-wpa2-permet-d-ecouter-le-trafic-39858706.htm)

Wi-Fi, which at the beginning was very vulnerable, saw a lot of reliable security protocols to strengthen communication between access points and customers.

The current protocol most widely used to secure Wi-Fi connections, the WPA2, has just shown weaknesses because it conceals a major security breach.
For the moment no patch has been released. Even if this should be the case very few equipment using WPA2 (the incriminated communication protocol) will apply this patch due to the massive use of Wi-Fi equipment in homes where users are not sufficiently aware of security and do not have the skills to apply these updates either.

This major flaw may be mitigated when communications between clients and servers are encrypted. Indeed when your web communications and messaging, to talk about the biggest uses of the Internet by Internet users, are encrypted, even intercepted they will not be readable by the hacker who has been able to take control of the Wifi terminal through which you pass.

That’s why we advise all our customers to go through the secure versions of the communication protocols. For messaging always choose “TLS” as the encryption mode. Gozil always offers secure protocols for all the services it offers. For our hosting clients, all our packs come with an SSL certificate that is activated by default.

Ask your webmaster to force the use of HTTPS for your websites to protect your customers and the data they send you.

If you do not know how to do it, do not hesitate to contact us to help you.