09 Dec

Why You Should Choose Windows Web Hosting

Web hosting providers typically offer both Windows and Linux as operating system options. It can be quite challenging to decide which platform to go for. Even though it is usually the more pricey option, windows represent the best platform all around. It provides more options in terms of website technologies. Not only that but also, easier to configure for beginners, and has security backed from a leading U.S. Corporation.
For this reason, take a look at Windows plans to see if they are right for you.

The versatility of platforms

Windows provides almost every Linux software, plus a few more. If you’re looking for Microsoft-specific technology to develop websites, you’ll need Windows hosting. Examples of programs that are exclusive to Windows are ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Active Directory. Furthermore, with the free version of Visual Studio, the creation of. NET websites on Windows is often very simple. Most large security organizations choose to build in. NET because it is funded by a large corporation. You can install PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and other open-source platforms on any Windows server as well as support all Windows programs. This makes Windows an all-round flexible system as it supports most of the popular programming languages and databases.

Facilities and security

Another benefit of Windows is that configuring for beginners is very easy. As an example, it can be very hard to configure DNS servers with Linux. For many websites, security is a top concern. Windows is being created and funded by one of the largest corporations in the United States. As such, security patches are regularly available and free of charge. It’s as easy as upgrading your desktop computer to upgrade your Windows server. Just go to Windows Update and search for any free updates. One negative thing about Windows is that this is often the case

Finally, because Windows is supported by one of the world’s top companies, you can rest assured that timely security updates will be issued. It should come as no surprise that Windows hosts a third of the world’s websites, despite these advantages. Although it may be more costly than Linux, the price of choosing Windows for your web hosting outweighs the benefits!