11 Mar

Web hosting in Morocco – Proposals to discover

Web hosting in Morocco is a solution to take into account.

What is hosting?

As a final step in the design of a website, it effectively requires a server that is constantly running and connected to the Internet at a particularly high speed in the order of hundreds of Mbps. As it will host sensitive data, it must imperatively be secure to avoid physical offenses (burglary, unauthorized access, etc …) and virtual (hacking, virus attack, etc …). With all the costs that this can cause, having a private server is not within the reach of all.

Which hosting is the most widespread in Morocco?

The most popular hosting offer in Morocco is called shared (or shared) hosting. Its principle is simple and its main asset is the pooling of maintenance, protection and food costs. Its disadvantage however concerns the decision limits of the shared client.

Not having the status of the administrator, it will not be able to use on its website any new technology without the endorsement of the host. This problem can be partially solved by setting up a private virtual server. However, all shared clients will continue to share the same system resources.

Hosting in Morocco can also be done in dedicated servers. With its unique system, the tenant will have a private server at his disposal. He will then have the role of administrator and can manage it according to his needs. This type of offer is mainly intended for sites requiring large system resources: available space on the hard disk, random access memory and computing power of the processor.

It is obviously more expensive than shared hosting. If you do not have the required skills in system administration, the client will also be responsible for the salary of the engineer who will take care of it instead. The high-end colocation. In a secure area, the host provides only the power supply and the Ethernet cable. The customer will only have to bring his own server and install it in special cabinets. He can then access it physically by crossing the security levels. Ideal for the backup of sensitive data and as close as possible to the private server, this type of hosting is not within the reach of all budgets.